Strength of Steel is Strength of Structure; So

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  • High End Steel Plant
  • Made with Advanced TMT Technology
  • Advanced Quality Lab & Stringent Quality Processes

Technology Advantage

See the benefits

Get enhanced strength of advanced TMT technology

Higher Strength vs Ductility Ratio

The technology forms Hardened outer layer and Soft Inner core making the bars Tough and yet Flexible to withstand critical loads

Parallel & Precise Rib Pattern

It leads to excellent bonding with Concrete making RCC structure stronger. It also eliminates the torsion residual stress resulting Corrosion Resistance and thus increasing life of structure

More Strength in less Weight

As it delivers higher values of strength & ductility it reduces quantity of required steel which further reduces the own weight load of structure. And eventually less steel means more economical

Assurance of Quality

This advanced technology facilitates monitoring and controlling of quality at each and every stage of production. You can be assured of consistently getting the same strength through out the length of bar

Features that make Kamal 500 Superior...
and your first choice

Excellent Bonding With Cement

Kamal Rebars have precise, uniform and parallel rib pattern engraved through computer controlled notch making machines, which results in excellent gripping with concrete

Excellent Bendability

Kamal Rebars have microstructure with a soft core which gives excellent bendability without compromising high strength.

Superior Weldability

Kamal Rebars have Low Carbon content that ensure easier and faster welding without preheating. Thus leading to stronger and safer weld joints.

Corrosion Resistant

Parallel rib pattern and low carbon content gives superior corrosion resistance property to Kamal Rebars.

Earthquake Resistant

Kamal Rebars have higher ductility to withstand cyclic loading and are thus suitable in earthquake prone areas.

Fire Resistant

The Consistent and Thick layer of tempered martensitic-rim on the outer surface of Kamal Rebars gives higher capacity to retain strength at increased temperatures.
Kamal 500 TMT Rebars

Technical Specifications

High Tensile Deformed TMT Bars of Grade BS 4449:2005 (Grade FE 500 B)


Yield Stress - min

500 N/mm2

Elongation (Lo) - min


CHEMICAL COMPOSITION (Ladie Analysis) - max values










8, 10 , 12, 16, 20, 25, 32 mm

CODE: Kamal 500